Food and Speciality at Cham Island

You can order seafood meals in your hostels or homestays or you can buy yourselves seafood and have it processed nu hosts. If you want to enjoy seafood right on the beach, you should go to Huong Beach at 10 am. Seafood here is fresh and cheap, or else, you can eat in restaurants on Ong Beach and Lang Beach with higher prices. If you want to eat at restaurant, come to Ong beach or Lang beach, the price will be higher.


Mực một nắng or one-sun-dried squid is a Cham island specialty. The sun’s rays dry the squid a full day before five minutes of grilling complete the seafood’s journey.

One-sun-dried squid is the famous seafood at Cham island. Unlike other dried squids, fresh squids after being cleaned are exposed to the sun for only one day, which explains why they have been given the name one-sun-dried squids.

It is also a skill to make squids dried as appetizing ones are squids completely dried outside and still fresh inside. Then only if the squids are grilled over medium heat with chilies and lemon, do the dishes become tasty and fragrant. It is best served with chili sauce. The perfect blend between sweet, soft taste of squids and hot sauce has won many tourists” hearts, even with strict gourmets. Give yourself a chance to enjoy this yummy dish when visiting this beatiful island.


Not as common as in Con Dao island and Phu Quy island … but “vú nàng” snail specialty Cu Lao Cham island is strange, strangely, for many travelers. Just the name alone, this unique species of snail has led many to curiosity, to find out.  Actually, “Vú nàng” are conical snail species differences, the top has a small knob looks like the girl’s breasts puberty, black gray exterior, in glittering pearl. Because of limited quantities, so people have professional snails immersed in water for hours, used to make light illuminates interstitial stone, using sharp knife split each screw is firmly on the rock. Enjoy a crispy snails, tasted sweet understand the wonders of new people to start snail.


Although marine animals, the crabs live in spring and small rocky caves jotted along the island and baby crabs are delivered in the sea, between May and August, from where they make their ways back to the island.

Its tasty, creamy meat has turned the dark purple crab into a local delicacy. Playing an important role in local livelihoods, crabs can be found on sale in iron baskets in front of every house, together with dried fish or squid.


Abalone is a scarce snail that is very famous for one of the delicious cuisine for King and Queen. Abalone can process into many dishes such as boiled, grilled according to the taste of tourists. Many people like the boiled abalone with ginger. The flavor of abalone is very special compare with different seafood. Ginger, “Fish Sauce”, garlic are mixed with sugar to make sauce. Then pouring it to each abalone about 10 minutes, then roast them. Waiting about 5 minutes, tourists can enjoy the delicious dish. If you have chance to come Cham Islands, you should not omit specialties which process from abalone. In addition, they can buy some Abalone for friends or relative.


“Rau rừng” literally means wild vegetable grown in forest. It has been important food sources at Cham island. There are 16 types of forest vegetable which are smelt of  herbal medicines such as  “rau dớn, rau sân, rau lủi, mã đề “. It is harvested in late spring or early summer.

There are many ways to cook forest vegetable. In normal, people tend to mix it with some different vegetables to get full of taste: bitter, spicy, sweet, sour. Boil with water is the simplest way to cook, eat with fish sauce or Anchovy paste. You can enjoy the specical aint aroma of this vegetable.


In many rural regions in the country, “banh it la gai”, a kind of cake, has existed in life of the Quang people for a long time. It has become meaningful offering in the traditional lunar new year ’s festival, ancestors’ anniversary, funeral, wedding ceremony….

Banh it la gai in Quang Nam bears a shape of simplicity as the other farm products, but it has its own flavor of a region imbued with hospitality. Visiting Hoi An, tourists can discover how “Banh it” often stands right in the centre of locals’ lives. In death anniversaries, it is acceptable for there to be no fish or meat, but there must be “Banh it la gai”. In marriage rituals, a tray of “Banh it la gai” is the gift of the bride’s family to that of the groom to show the skillfulness of the bride who has made the Banh it together with other villagers.

“Banh it la gai” is selling a lot in Hoi An, on the streets, markets and in restaurants, these cakes not just only have  in Hoi An, but the difference of The Hoi An is the way they make it and the water in this town make the cake become one of the Hoi An specialist.


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